Adriana Degreas

Spend your summer in Brazilian inspired style with the fabulous designer Adriana Degreas Beachwear which takes a unique approach to luxury beachwear. The exclusive prints, unique print designs and refined fabrics are the registered marks of Adriana Degreas’ work. Made in Brazil, the glamorous bikinis, swimsuits and flawless cover ups are the perfect definition to an endless Summer. Every piece of Adriana Degreas's designs have an inspiring detail to them and are executed in vibrant colours and prints to ensure you never go out of style from Season to Season.

  1. O/S 4 items
  2. S 31 items
  3. M 28 items
  4. L 21 items
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    1. AED0.00 - AED1,000.00 15 items
    2. AED1,000.00 - AED2,000.00 20 items
    3. AED2,000.00 - AED3,000.00 4 items
    4. AED3,000.00 - AED4,000.00 1 item
    5. AED4,000.00 and above 2 items
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      1. Adriana Degreas Cacao Maxi Pois Long Robe
        Special Price AED1,686.00 Regular Price AED4,215.00
      2. Adriana Degreas Cacao Pois Midi Long Robe with Knot Detail
        Regular Price AED3,860.00 Special Price AED1,544.00
      3. Adriana Degreas Cacao Pois Midi Frilled Top and Bottom Set
        Regular Price AED2,195.00 Special Price AED878.00
      4. Adriana Degreas Cacao Pois Midi One Shoulder Swimsuit with knot
        Regular Price AED1,100.00 Special Price AED440.00
      5. Adriana Degreas Cacao Pois Midi Strapless Swimsuit with Cut Outs
        Regular Price AED1,130.00 Special Price AED452.00
      6. Adriana Degreas Solid Vintage Swimsuit with Cut Outs
        Regular Price AED1,120.00 Special Price AED448.00
      7. Adriana Degreas Cut Out Swimsuit with Faux Leather Detail Black
        Regular Price AED1,250.00 Special Price AED500.00
      8. Adriana Degreas Bandeau Bikini with Faux Leather detail Black
        Regular Price AED1,195.00 Special Price AED478.00
      9. Adriana Degreas Tropiques Long Robe
        Special Price AED1,738.00 Regular Price AED4,345.00
      10. Adriana Degreas Tropiques Midi Jumpsuit
        Regular Price AED2,535.00 Special Price AED1,014.00
      11. Adriana Degreas Tropiques Short Kaftan Black
        Special Price AED500.00 Regular Price AED1,250.00
      12. Adriana Degreas Tropiques Basic Swimsuit
        Regular Price AED1,185.00 Special Price AED474.00