Australian brand Camilla created by artist and designer Camilla Franks, offers Camilla kaftans, dresses, swimwear, trousers and more in an array of Tribal prints, Aztec prints and anything she is inspired by from her travels.. Camilla Beachwear is defined by it's colours, mesmerizing prints and gorgeous detailing. Abaya style dresses are a great combination between comfort and style available for same day delivery in Dubai. Camilla beach wear is eaturing the Chinese Whispers collection and we love it! Need some help? - WhatsApp us on +971568293331.

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    1. Camilla My Marjorelle V- Neck Dress w/ Tie Front
      Regular Price AED1,925.00 Special Price AED912.50
    2. Camilla Handira's Hold Low Back Top
      Regular Price AED1,155.00 Special Price AED547.50
    3. Camilla Handira's Hold Gathered Wrap Front Trouser
      Regular Price AED1,925.00 Special Price AED1,277.50
    4. Camilla Maasai Mosh Long V Neck Drawstring Dress
      Regular Price AED3,075.00 Special Price AED1,460.00
    5. Camilla Maasai Mosh Shoestring Strap Jumpsuit
      Regular Price AED2,310.00 Special Price AED1,095.00
    6. Camilla Maasai Mosh Strapless Mini Dress
      Regular Price AED1,735.00 Special Price AED822.50
    7. Camilla Go Your Own Way T Back Shoestring Strap Top
      Regular Price AED1,160.00 Special Price AED770.00
    8. Camilla Go Your Own Way Tie Detail Wrapover Harems
      Regular Price AED1,925.00 Special Price AED1,277.50
    9. Camilla Hani Hangzhou Hollywood
      Regular Price AED1,580.00 Special Price AED750.00
    10. Camilla A Little Past Twilight U-Ring Strap Top
      Regular Price AED1,530.00 Special Price AED725.00
    11. Camilla Guardian Of Secrets Empire Shoestring Strap Top
      Regular Price AED1,445.00 Special Price AED685.00
    12. Camilla From Kaili With Love Harem Pants
      Regular Price AED1,950.00 Special Price AED925.00