Melissa Odabash

The ever famous, award winning designer Melissa Odabash is widely known for her range of chic, high quality, designer beachwear that carries a constant flawless classic design. From sports luxe swimwsuits, to staple bikini pieces, Melissa Odabash also has you covered for off the beach with cover ups, kaftans, dresses and more. All made from high quality materials, Melissa Odabash has become the go to designer for any beach side look and is followed by a large number of celebrities.

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    1. AED0.00 - AED1,000.00 44 items
    2. AED1,000.00 - AED2,000.00 40 items
    3. AED2,000.00 and above 4 items
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      1. Melissa Odabash Abby Short Dress White
        Regular Price AED1,410.00 Special Price AED564.00
      2. Melissa Odabash Elenora Long White Dress
        Regular Price AED1,140.00 Special Price AED456.00
      3. Melissa Odabash Florence One Piece Swimsuit White
        Regular Price AED1,110.00 Special Price AED444.00
      4. Melissa Odabash Bahamas Bikini White
        Regular Price AED1,010.00 Special Price AED404.00
      5. Melissa Odabash Coco Kaftan
        Special Price AED772.00 Regular Price AED1,930.00
      6. Melissa Odabash Miami Bikini Pink Palms
        Regular Price AED1,000.00 Special Price AED400.00
      7. Melissa Odabash Bel Air Bikini Pink Palm
        Regular Price AED1,060.00 Special Price AED424.00
      8. Melissa Odabash Zanzibar One Piece Calypso
        Regular Price AED1,210.00 Special Price AED484.00
      9. Melissa Odabash Caroline Tropic Dress
        Regular Price AED2,400.00 Special Price AED960.00
      10. Melissa Odabash Eve Aztec Dress
        Regular Price AED2,400.00 Special Price AED960.00
      11. Melissa Odabash Kara Kaftan White/Celeste
        Special Price AED588.00 Regular Price AED1,470.00
      12. Melissa Odabash Sonia High Neck Long Maxi Dress Tide
        Regular Price AED1,650.00 Special Price AED660.00